Blogical Interlude…?

Hi, humans and nosy aliens. Tim here. This is my new blog, which I have put together to tie in with my webcomic. So I will probably be blogging mostly about things which come up in relation to my comics, but since I like to make comics about my political and social views anyway, this opens up a fairly wide range of topics. In particular I am becoming increasingly interested in the idea of systemic problems which are passed from generation to generation almost unconsciously, as I think these are the areas where the various rights movements have had the least impact. I will also be writing about feminism, science and skepticism, and maybe a little armchair psychology as well, since it is always fun to pretend to understand humans. I’m hoping this will also help improve my comics, since having a place to rant about things should give me more freedom to show instead of tell, as they say.

So, yeah. Blogical Interlude. I like the name, because it seems like a clever pun at first glance, but when you look a little closer, you realise it’s just ridiculous.

I’ll probably be updating even more sporadically than my actual comic, so you might want to follow the RSS feed (link at the bottom of the page) or my Twitter.


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